Obagi Condition & Enhance System Non-Surgical Full Size

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We apologize this product has been discontinued.
We recommend the following product: Obagi Nu-Derm Set #2

The Obagi Condition & Enhance System Non-Surgical Includes:

1 Obagi Foaming Gel - 6.7 fl oz

1 Obagi Toner - 6.7 fl oz

2 x Obagi Clear - 2.0 oz

1 Obagi Exfoderm Forte - 2.0 oz

1 Obagi Blender - 2.0 oz

1 Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 - 3.0 fl oz

Patient Brochure

For use with Non-Surgical Procedures The desire for healthy, youthful and attractive skin is why you are undergoing facial aesthetic procedures, The Obagi Condition & Enhance System uses proven ingredients and penetrating technologies to help ensure a successful outcome. This system has been shown to improve the overall results of facial aesthetic procedures. For use with Non Surgical Procedure The length of time that it takes to condition your skin varies. You should begin to notice visible improvements of your skin within a six-week period. It is important to understand that you will experience some reactions during your skin conditioning process. These reactions are normal and part of the transformation process. You may experience one or more of these symptoms: * Dryness * Redness * Skin texture and appearance of wrinkles may temporarily worsen. * Exfoliation * Sensitive skin * Acne may temporarily worsen In order to maximize the results of your procedure, it is very important that you follow your personal program as indicated by a skin care professional. Your physician should discuss with you any reactions related to your facial procedure, as these vary by the type of procedure you have received. Professional recommendation is advised.

Obagi Condition & Enhance Clear
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Obagi Condition & Enhance Blender
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Obagi Condition & Enhance System Surgical Full Size
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