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Customer Testimonials

“I have ordered from this site for years because it is easy to do.” H. Leabah Winter 31 May 2015 “Really like that you have pay pal” kathy s 31 May 2015

“I am so happy that you carry one of my favorite products! Plus, you helped out with a great coupon - many, many thanks!! This is not my first time for shopping on your site, and it won't be my last!!” Jen 30 May 2015

“Very happy with this website and the products I order.” Anonymous Customer 26 May 2015

“Repeat Customer - Highest Recommendations” David T 25 May 2015

“shopping was quick and easy- you had the products I needed” Janet C 23 May 2015

“have always had excellent service at Endlessbeauty and will always purchase my products here. Prompt deliveries ALL the time! Thank you for the great work! “Anonymous Customer 20 May 2015

“easy, quick and efficient” Jessica 19 May 2015

“website is easy to use and so is check out process” Lisa P 18 May 2015

“Quick postage. Well communications of order” Diem B 17 May 2015

“I love your products, and you always have great coupons. This is my favorite site for purchasing Obagi products. Please keep offering coupons, and I will keep buying my beauty products! :)” Tonya 16 May 2015


“Always a great shopping experience and FAST delivery! Plus they always send me coupons with my purchase” Jazmin 12 May 2015

“Thank you for the good products from Obagi.” Annette H 11 May 2015

“Quick & easy! Great price!” Vanna S 08 May 2015

“Quick and Efficient.” Gwendolyn S 07 May 2015

“Obagi products, quick and easy purchase, had products other siite did not have” Anonymous Customer 07 May 2015

“Love this website! Great deals always!” Sarah C 06 May 2015

“Great site with great prices!” Anonymous Customer 03 May 2015

“the same products I usedto pay much more for. Very pleased with products I have received.” Seattle G 29 Apr 2015

“I have been using your company for several years and it is quite easy to order. Nice website.” Carol S - AZ, United States 27 Apr 2015

“great discount on first order and a lot cheaper than the UK. really looking forward to my order arriving” donna d 27 Apr 2015

“Always buy my Obagi at this site” kathy w 26 Apr 2015

“I wanted to buy authentic obagi online and I found this website.” Rhina R 26 Apr 2015

“My shopping experience was excellent. It took less than 3 minitue” vindra g 22 Apr 2015

“You have just the brand of product I use regularly and at a great price!” Nina A 22 Apr 2015

“always a pleasure to shop with and thank you to customer Services for my discount code which I had deleted in error. Thanks again David. ....Betty O'Brien” Betty O 21 Apr 2015

“Found just what I wanted and it was very easy to place order. Will order again from this site.” Sharon T 20 Apr 2015

“I have been using your company for several years and it is quite easy to order. Nice website.” Carol S 20 Apr 2015

“ease of ordering. Was particularly happy to see the additional 20% discount.” Sheila H 20 Apr 2015

“Nice to be able to buy this product easy online and use PayPal” Jennifer 18 Apr 2015

“I could not have asked for anything better. I wish that all of my online purchases went so smoothly” Hilda & Robert M - FL, United States 11 Apr 2015

“easy shopping experience, very good web site.” Deanna C 07 Apr 2015

“love that I can find what I am looking for all the time.” Anonymous Customer 16 Apr 2015

“Easy to find produce, and easy to order. Love having a coupon” Anonymous Customer 14 Apr 2015

“good selection and prices. Coupons make it even better” Anonymous Customer 10 Apr 2015

“I'm a long time very satisfied customer” Victoria 08 Apr 2015

“Dear Endless Beauty, You have a very good selection! Your shipping and service are excellent. Thank you for your great products and also the good product descriptions, which include the ingredients. Two thumbs up!” Glenn J 31 Mar 2015

“Always have my selection and promotions are great” Anonymous

“great price on this product. I am a returning customer” Laura G 29 Mar 2015

“Excellent service! Speedy delivery! Thank you!” Barbara 29 Mar 2015

“used your site before, product is delivered quickly” JL 26 Mar 2015

“Tried to purchase this product from two other online stores prior to this purchase. Could not adjust items in my cart and the other one promo codes did not work. Your code worked and check out was perfect not to mention the price was great. In the future I will ship here first” Denise W 26 Mar 2015

“quick and easy!!! items always in stock” kelley b 26 Mar 2015

“quick and easy Good coupon offer” Pamela B 25 Mar 2015

“they have the products i need with no hassel” barbara 25 Mar 2015

“great price on this product. I am a returning customer” Laura G 23 Mar 2015

“So far, so good! Great prices and free shipping:-)” Terry R 23 Mar 2015

“Great price and easy site to find product” Anonymous Customer 21 Mar 2015

“Easy shopping and fast check out!” Carol L 21 Mar 2015

“always has what I need in stock” Jessica 21 Mar 2015

“I've been ordering from Endless Beauty for some time now. I feel that I get great products at decent prices. Thanks so much! Maria” Maria B 14 Mar 2015

“been a customer for several years and I am always pleased with the service and the ease in maneuvering around the site. Thanks” Lita S 14 Mar 2015

“Very easy and fast!” Lisa G 12 Mar 2015

“super quick delivery,top quality product,brilliant,thanks.” linda p 12 Mar 2015

“Have ordered Obagi products since 2012 from them and have been happy with them since.” Grace L 12 Mar 2015

“Always the best service” Andrew H 07 Mar 2015

“You always have what I need at the best price” Victoria V 07 Mar 2015

“Great Prices!” Debbie D 05 Mar 2015

“Efficient service” Rebecca 02 Mar 2015

“Usually great products and fast shipment. I hope I'll be happy with this order too” BOULLET 02 Mar 2015

“It's Amazing, thank you!!” Griselle C 02 Mar 2015

“Everything is great except the way to redeem points, that's not very convenient. It also encourages people to buy smaller quantities instead of placing one order - costs you more shipping, silly” Cyndy A 02 Mar 2015

“used this site before. Always good!” marion b 28 Feb 2015

“thank you ! this is a great site” Anonymous Customer 27 Feb 2015

“I am nervous to order on line but I am not with Endless Beauty. They always have the products I want and I have always got them faster than I expected. I love the discount codes too!! “Susan b 21 Feb 2015

“Great products at the best prices, and frequent special discounts. Yay!” GG13 - CA, United States 19 Feb 2015

“Great products, competitive pricing and free shipping with $48 minimum purchase - what more can you ask for? “Sandy D 19 Feb 2015

“I've shopped here previously quick turn around, God's willing I will return!” Sharon K 19 Feb 2015

“As a regular customer it is always so easy to reorder when I sign in as my details are already securely there. Very pleased with “Betty O - Scotlad, United Kingdom 18 Feb 2015

“I've been with you for years and plan to stay” Victoria - GA, United States 18 Feb 2015

“I always order from endless Beauty and have never been disappointed. Great company, reliable, efficient and the fastest delivery on the planet :) “Anonymous Customer 14 Feb 2015

“Quick and easy ordering. Good information / description regarding product.” Patricia Ann A 12 Feb 2015

“Always a pleasure” Karen 11 Feb 2015

“easy to use, fast service” Sharon S 11 Feb 2015

“East. Good deals” Anonymous Customer 10 Feb 2015

“ is ALWAYS the best” Anonymous Customer 09 Feb 2015

“free shipping and coupon makes me shop your site” Anonymous Customer 09 Feb 2015

“my first time....great obagi prices!” karen s 09 Feb 2015

“Very easy ordering and a good deal!” 05 Feb 2015

“Great products at the best prices, and frequent special discounts. Yay!” Mary G 04 Feb 2015

“I've been with you for years and plan to stay” Victoria 04 Feb 2015


“As a regular customer it is always so easy to reorder when I sign in as my details are already securely there.” Betty O 01 Feb 2015

“Rapid Response time on email communication inquiry regarding product line and ordering requirements.” Amy 01 Feb 2015

“I'm a return customer, love the ease of buying great products that I use at a great price and having them delivered to my door!” Lyn C 31 Jan 2015

“Easy. Great Prices.” Sandi C 31 Jan 2015

“Everything was great until I went to pay. However, I was able to get it straight.” Thanks, Ron Ron 30 Jan 2015

“Excellent experience” Bonnie N 30 Jan 2015

“Great Website.” WILLIAM C 29 Jan 2015

“looking forward to delivery thank you so much.” raymondpowell 28 Jan 2015

“Very easy ordering and a good deal!” Beth H 27 Jan 2015

“Super easy site! Thanks for carrying Obagi products!” Terri C 25 Jan 2015

“Very convenient love discount and free shipping” Anonymous Customer 24 Jan 2015

“Excellent experience” Bonnie N 23 Jan 2015

“i like your variety and price options!” Anonymous Customer 22 Jan 2015


“Fast and easy-great site.” Deanne B 19 Jan 2015

“Great prices, honest seller, and fast delivery! Very happy with Seller!” Annaliza 18 Jan 2015

“Thank you so much! Products and delivery were perfect!” jill s 15 Jan 2015

“I have not used the product yet, but I love the ease of ordering, the prompt shipping, and the fact that the company checked with me to ensure I got the product. Product rating to come after I have used and can honestly give my opinion.” dawn 15 Jan 2015

“Great products and somewhat affordable prices” Michael P 15 Jan 2015

“Very easy to navigate” Anonymous Customer 10 Jan 2015

“Returning customer...great website” nell s 09 Jan 2015

“Love your site. Thanks for the New Year discount!” Cathy J 07 Jan 2015

“Just found this site - LOVE it! I'll be ordering MORE!! :)” Melissa B 05 Jan 2015

“easy and precise” Nancy S 05 Jan 2015

“The process to order was easy and having a coupon made the process even better.” Blanche L 04 Jan 2015

“great prices and brand name products” Anonymous Customer 01 Jan 2015

“Very happy with products and how they are shipped.” Gail B 01 Jan 2015

“So far so good. Well wait until shipping complete for further ratings.” Linda 29 Dec 2014

“Quick and easy” Kathryn B 27 Dec 2014

“Endless Beauty Care is THE BEST!!!!” Anonymous Customer 23 Dec 2014

“Awesome prices” Robin R 21 Dec 2014

“Easy and great range of products” Anonymous Customer 20 Dec 2014

Even when logged in, I always have to reenter my shipping and billing address which defeats the point of logging in. This happened with my last 2 orders” Anonymous Customer 20 Dec 2014

“Merry Christmas and a wonderful year 2015 to all of you, great job, good costumer service!” amparo n - MD, United States 18 Dec 2014


“Very easy to use web site. Quick delivery.” Cynthia - TN, United States 17 Dec 2014

“I love this site because it has all the products I am looking for at a great price and delivery is fast.” Jazmina H 16 Dec 2014

“Thank you!! I have always loved this store!! You have the products I need and the prices are reasonable! Pleasure to shop here!” Joyce C 16 Dec 2014

“thank you. You always do great.” Anonymous Customer 15 Dec 2014

“I am regular customer and experience is good Prices are good. Product is genuine” Aashish S 15 Dec 2014

“very easy and promo code came in handy for discount” Charlotte S 15 Dec 2014

“it was very easy and the choice I was looking for was easy to find” Anonymous Customer 14 Dec 2014

“My orders have always arrived in a timely manner and in good condition.” Marilyn K. K 12 Dec 2014

“Everything I have ordered has arrived quickly and without any problems.” Jody C - MA, United States 12 Dec 2014

“Very easy, I was on other sites and got very frustrated, I almost gave up” Anonymous Customer 10 Dec 2014

“Second time using your site. Nice and easy. :)” Anonymous Customer 11 Dec 2014

“I like your customer service and timely shipping of orders. The only thing I wish would be better is the pricing. Thank you.” Anonymous Customer 10 Dec 2014

“Very easy to use web site.” Currie 11 Dec 2014


“im getting readt to order again!” Anonymous Customer 08 Dec 2014

“Great, easy and fast” Fran M - TN, United States 07 Dec 2014

“Everything I have ordered has arrived quickly and without any problems.” Jody C 06 Dec 2014

“It was very easy to order and will definitely order again.” Claudia Q 05 Dec 2014

“greattttt” irma g 05 Dec 2014

“Always a good experience on this site.” ANN W 05 Dec 2014

“I wish your shipping charges to Canada were more reasonable.” Gina B - NS, Canada 05 Dec 2014

“Great products, have been very pleased with my past orders.” Anonymous Customer 05 Dec 2014

“Very easy and loved the discounts” Sherri F 03 Dec 2014

“Helpful site!” Anonymous Customer 02 Dec 2014

“Great product lines!Great prices” Martha 02 Dec 2014

“Easy to use website. Great prices :)” julie m 30 Nov 2014

“Great” Diana K 28 Nov 2014

“I don't even bother to shop around other sites, your prices are the best!” Jessica 28 Nov 2014

“My shopping experience was easy so far. I found a Black Friday coupon online and received a 20% discount.” Sherry A 28 Nov 2014

“I have ordered before and you guys never fail to disappoint!” Andrew H 28 Nov 2014

“Easy, Fast , Good price” Liz 28 Nov 2014

“Great, easy and fast” Fran M 27 Nov 2014

“Products were as expected, delivery was reasonable for an international order. Would order again.” Gail N 25 Nov 2014

“Very easy and quick” sherri c 25 Nov 2014

“great” Anonymous Customer 25 Nov 2014

“THANK YOU” Anonymous Customer 25 Nov 2014

“Products were as expected, delivery was reasonable for an international order. Would order again.” Gail N 25 Nov 2014

“Easy checkout and discount was honored” Anonymous Customer 23 Nov 2014

“great prices” Anonymous Customer 22 Nov 2014

“Well, the prices seem great if the products are effective!” Dawn D 22 Nov 2014

“Easy peasy” Anonymous Customer 16 Nov 2014

“Found exactly what I was looking for. Easy shopping and great discount. If the rest of my shopping experience is as pleasant and hassle free, I will sure be back and recommend to my mum and cousin. Thank you” Liz O 16 Nov 2014

“Easy peasy” Anonymous Customer 16 Nov 2014

“Love your site, your CS, speed in delivery, and most of all the prices you offer. Thank you” Rebecca F 15 Nov 2014

“Thanx” Karimah A 14 Nov 2014

“I love the site, very affordable price for obagi product..” Roselyn H 13 Nov 2014

“Great deals! Love this site!” Anonymous Customer 13 Nov 2014

“Been buying for several years from website love it and always feel I am getting a great deal. Well done!” Karen 13 Nov 2014

“As always a pleasure to shop with Endless Beauty Care.Com, never have had a problem, quick and easy shopping experience, a great company.” Betty O 13 Nov 2014

“It was quick and easy. Got everything I wanted with free shipping!” Lisa K 13 Nov 2014

“Have ordered from Endless Beauty several times, always a great experience.” Barbara A 12 Nov 2014

“Great price and discounts!” sarahsabb 11 Nov 2014

“Can't wait to receive product and let me know when obagi products get marked down. Thank you.” Linda 10 Nov 2014

“Good” lizanne 07 Nov 2014

“Simply and easy...” Cathy 06 Nov 2014

“Love this site!!” Sadie B 06 Nov 2014

“I like your service” Anonymous Customer 06 Nov 2014

“I very much like the coupon code of 20% savings!” Benjamin 06 Nov 2014

“I have been ordering from Endless Beauty for quite awhile now and have always been satisfied with the products and service.” Carole G 06 Nov 2014


“Quick delivery, easy to maneuver site... Very professional. A very easy shopping experience *smiles*” MJS 04 Nov 2014 “everything was fine” Deborah A 03 Nov 2014 “webpage doesn't allow me to remain signed in. everytime I went back to the home page while shopping, I had to resign in.” Anonymous Customer 03 Nov 2014

“Love the 20% off and free shipping over 48$. The site was easy and fast. Thank You. I will use this site again!” Anonymous Customer 04 Nov 2014

“Nice site, easy to maneuver. Good Product selection.” pat b 31 Oct 2014

“Thank you so much for the lower prices and an added discount! It sure helps the working woman! Many Thanks! I will be buying from you again! Marty C 29 Oct 2014 “The best online availability of obagi products” tracy v 29 Oct 2014

“Shopping was easy. Hope the product arrives timely and not near the expiration date.” Suzanne B 29 Oct 2014 “Love the savings” Anonymous Customer 28 Oct 2014

“No problem with shopping.” Diana K 28 Oct 2014

“Quick and easy to find the products I need. Prices are GREAT!” Anonymous Customer 28 Oct 2014

“Great price and discounts!” Sarah S 26 Oct 2014

“Easy!!!” Anonymous Customer 25 Oct 2014

“it was great!! I like obagi^^” yeohyun y 22 Oct 2014

“Easy efficient site.” Tamara 21 Oct 2014

“Perfect!” Anonymous Customer 21 Oct 2014

“great service at reduced prices - saves me time and money! Can't beat that.” LizetteG 21 Oct 2014

“Great” billie 21 Oct 2014

“Always great” Anna D 19 Oct 2014

“Excellent, very efficient” Sandra R 20 Oct 2014

“Easy and quick” Shannon D 16 Oct 2014

“So happy to have found your site. Best products, best prices. Am a repeat customer and will continue to shop here.” Nina A 16 Oct 2014

“Shipping defaulted to the "rush" delivery, causing me to back up and re-enter after a brief confusion about the charge on shipping.” Priscilla Y 17 Oct 2014

“his is my fourth time ordering from this website. My orders arrive within a couple of days. The packaging is great and the orders has always been correct. I really like Endless Beauty and I have recommended it to several of my friends and colleagues.” Michelle D B 15 Oct 2014

“so far, very easy. good prices. if the product is delivered as it says and product is good, I will shop here again.” maricel f 15 Oct 2014

“Exactly what I wanted, for a reasonable price, with good shipment. Thanks!” Aegina B 15 Oct 2014

“great” Lita S 15 Oct 2014

“Quick easy shopping.” Sharon S 14 Oct 2014

“CREAM WORKING GOOD TO DATE” betty 14 Oct 2014

“Great shopping experience so far. I hope to get as great service for my shipping and delivery service.” Anonymous Customer 13 Oct 2014

“I was a little confused about shiping options, please can you confirm this is the best option for me?” Fiona K 12 Oct 2014

“Always great” Anna D 13 Oct 2014

“Thank you so much!” Anonymous Customer 12 Oct 2014

“I have always been happy shopping with Endless Beauty, and today is no exception.” H. Leabah W 11 Oct 2014

“Excellent, very efficient” Sandra R 11 Oct 2014

“Glad to find the product. Used for years easy ordering.” Joyce C 11 Oct 2014

“As long as I receive my product in good condition, I will continue using your website for future orders. Thanks” Lynn W. D 10 Oct 2014

“Great, fast site.” Susan M 08 Oct 2014

“I appreciate the ease of ordering online and the discount code is very helpful too.” Brenda S 08 Oct 2014

“great experience shopping with easy to use web site...” holly f 08 Oct 2014

“Quick and easy!” Anonymous Customer 07 Oct 2014

“very efficient” Geri B 07 Oct 2014

“good so far--will wait to see how well the cream does—“ betty 04 Oct 2014

“thank-you....I am impressed! I shop quite a bit on-line and you're site was efficient, fast and accurate...smooth and no surprises...just the way it should be. A big Thank-you!” Violet 03 Oct 2014

“Easy check out and good price” Anonymous Customer 02 Oct 2014

“Great” Mercedes 02 Oct 2014

“I appreciate the ease of ordering online and the discount code is very helpful too.” Brenda S 02 Oct 2014

“Easy to order online and I get my order in a few days!” Anonymous Customer 02 Oct 2014

“Easy to view website and great selection” Anonymous Customer 01 Oct 2014

“I am always impressed with your service, very professional.” Fiona C 01 Oct 2014

“Love that you can check out with paypal” Crystal 01 Oct 2014

“Good product selection, and good fast delivery.” Anonymous Customer 29 Sep 2014

“Great!” Paulette T 27 Sep 2014

“Best price on the products i needed” Tuesday 27 Sep 2014

“It's great! I have ordered by phone in the past, and I will definitely order from you again.” Carol S 26 Sep 2014

“I am always impressed with your service, very professional.” Fiona C 25 Sep 2014

“easy to shop and love the discounts!!” lynn b 23 Sep 2014

“very pleased with ease of use of website” Laura L 22 Sep 2014

“Awsome” Shirlee K 21 Sep 2014

“I have always had a great experience with this site. Good prices. Prompt delivery.” Anonymous Customer 21 Sep 2014

“Very easy and good pricing.” Kevin O 21 Sep 2014

“All good. Thanks” Anonymous Customer 20 Sep 2014

“I love you guys” Victoria V 20 Sep 2014

“easy and excellent” Marion B 20 Sep 2014

“Always a positive experience” Anonymous Customer 19 Sep 2014

“FAST AND EASY!” Anonymous Customer 17 Sep 2014

“Endless Beauty Care is the BEST.” Anonymous Customer 17 Sep 2014

“Very excited to find this site! I have been looking for my Obagi products for awhile! Thanks! Sandra V 17 Sep 2014

“Really appreciate discounts and free shipping.” Anonymous Customer 17 Sep 2014

“Perfect” Fidel M 18 Sep 2014

“great prices and easy to use shopping cart” Dennis C 16 Sep 2014

“They ship quickly and offer great prices.” Grace L 16 Sep 2014

“very pleased with ease of use of website” Laura L 16 Sep 2014

“Always good products, good prices, and fast delivery.” Ann W 18 Sep 2014

“Very easy and good pricing” Kevin O 15 Sep 2014

“easy to find a product and a great incentive to buy when you offer a coupon.” Guisela R 15 Sep 2014

“Easy and fast. Had products available that other sites did not” Mary Beth E 15 Sep 2014

“Wish the couplon had been on your own website (found it elsewhere).” Wish the couplon had been on your own website (found it elsewhere). The order arrived very quickly Litsa 20 Sep 2014

“awesome!” Ravinder (Beena) G 13 Sep 2014

“I enjoyed the experienced on this site” Mary R 13 Sep 2014

“Check out was tedious. It took several tries before everything was accurate.” Charlotte Y 13 Sep 2014

“Shopped here for years, always recommend. So far always satisfied. Thank you!” Leticia M 12 Sep 2014

“Did get free shipping over was over 48.00” priscilla f 12 Sep 2014

“Super website!” John J 09/11/2014

“fast and efficient service” Bibi L 09/11/2014

“Excellent!” Victoria 09/10/2014

“Very easy to maneuver the site and it's always a good experience with a discount!” Anonymous Customer 10 Sep 2014

“quick easy happy!” Vicky 08 Sep 2014

“Had the merchandise I was looking for.” Judy C 08 Sep 2014

“great shopping” Carolyn B 09/07/2014

“Easy so far....will wait to see if the order arrives promptly, and correctly.” Suzanne W 09/07/2014

“Shopped here for years, always recommend. So far always satisfied. Thank you!” Leticia M 09/06/2014

“Easy and fast. Had products available that other sites did not.” Mary Beth E 09/5/2014

“awesome the best price available” Anonymous 09/05/2014

“I don't think you should charge shipping on such a large order.” Marny S 09/04/2014

“Easy. The price for the product was very good. I ordered it and it came relatively quickly. Will order from them again.” Dorothy 09/04/2014

“LOVE IT” Anonymous 09/03/2014

“Had the merchandise I was looking for.” Judy C 09/02/2014

“Great product great price. I will be shopping Endless Beauty again!” John L 09/01/2014

“I found what I wanted with easy.” Margaret S 09/01/2014


“Love this product..” Diana 08/29/2014

“so far, so good. timely, quick shipment. no hassles. great company.” Marianna 08/29/2014

“Website very easy to use and great prices!” Currie H 08/29/2014

“Had what I needed for a great price.” Anonymous 08/29/2014

“LOVE this site... Great items always” Becky M 08/28/2014

“It has been a pleasure dealing with this company” Tonia H 08/28/2014

“Quick delivery the last time, easy to find products.” Anonymous 08/28/2014

“Super good website will come back again” Phyllis L 08/28/2014

“Great...quick and easy to let see if delivery is good too.” Alice Y 08/28/2014

“Awesome website! Very easy shopping & checkout!” Pam S 08/26/2014

“Very easy to navigate, find products and place order. Very easy applying discount code too.” Jose M 08/24/2014

“Love this product..” Diane 08/23/2014

“Super good website” Phyllis L 08/22/2014

“Great” Cathy S 08/21/2014

“I have successfully ordered from you before. I am a repeat customer. Very satisfied” Anonymous 08/19/2014

“Excellent” Gloria 08/19/2014

“This is the only website I have found for good Obaji products and decent prices. The products are delivered quickly and professionally. I would recommend this site.” Terri 08/19/2014

“Thank you for having this product available !! Anonymous 08/18/2014

“Always buy from here! Love this site!” Kathleen 08/17/2014

“easy and great discount” Jessica 08/17/2014

“I love the products and ordering was very easy” Lyn C 08/17/2014

“Always have the best prices on Obagi” Anonymous 08/16/2014

“wonderful” Lisa 08/16/2014

“so far, so good; easy to order and pay.” Alison 08/16/2014

“So far so good” Beth C 08/16/2014

“THANK YOU SO FAR SO GOOD” Agnes 08/14/2014

“So far I have no problems. Recieved merchanize in a timely manner. Interested in using it again. Any promotions would be nice.” Bonnie 08/12/2014

“Please verify your shipping charge. I purchased Obagi products and showed the shipping charge as $66 for not heavy products when I chose UPS Ground.” Anonymous 08/06/2014

“Very good website, and such a great deal. I always find what i need in here. Thank you very much.” Dahakachi 08/04/2014

“this was great, easy and even got the discount. I will continue to order from this sit” Frances 08/05/2014

“Thank you for your quick response about shipping” Wanda 07/31/2014

“Best prices; great coupons; great rewards program - Endless Beauty is the best.” Anonymous 07/30/2014

“wonderful site, easy to navigate and find items, and I get my purchase as stated...Most important, the site is secure. I'm very satisfied with endless beauty.” Eden 07/24/2014

“The availability of the products I wanted was the best I could find after looking for them in the sites I regularly shop. So I was very happy to ave found them :) and at a good price!” Andrea 07/21/2014

“Love the product. However it should had com with the hydration moisturizer. Not the sun screen as my package came before. Now I have to purchase the hydration.” Dee 07/18/2014

“This site is awesome....great products, good prices and easy to use!” Lisa 07/23/2014

“Everything was easy. The site was very user friendly” Voegeli D 07/21/2014

“I always use this site for my beauty care orders and have always had a great experience. Great products, good promotions and efficient delivery. Happy customer! :)” Anonymous 07/20/2014

“endless beauty was the only website where I could find the product I needed.” Maria M 07/18/2014


“you have the products i want and give dependable service” Grandma 07/02/2014


“i love this store” Anonymous 07/08/2014

“Chose this merchant because of the great coupon code for our order. Great value!” Anonymous 07/02/2014

“great prices and product selection” Anonymous 06/03/2014

“the free shipping on orders over 48 dollars is misleading. 8.99 was added to my total purchase and then the 20% was deducted. So no, I dont think that is a good shopping experience.” Jessica P

“i like how you can use multiple discount codes (free shipping and save20)” Elaine 05/29/2014

“Great. Easy search, found what I needed, no slow web pages, ordering with PayPal a breeze!” Jane P 05/26/2014

“quick and safe” Quick and safe 05/23/2014

“Very User Friendly” Mary R 05/23/2014

“great and easy” Jagoda D 05/23/2014

“Easy to find products at great prices and very fast shipping.” Anonymous 05/22/2014

“BEST place to shop beauty products!!!!! I go here first!” Denise 05/22/2014

“If this product arrives quickly this will be a 5 star experience all around.” Elissa 05/11/2014

“I have purchased from Endless Beauty Care in the past and have always been very satisfied. Thanks so much!” Maria B 05/10/2014

“It is a great functional site and I will continue to use, please let me know what my rewared purchase points are and how they can be used. Thanks you pat” Pat 05/08/2014

“I have ordered this product before and love it. Would highly recommend.” Tena P 05/07/2014

“happy repeat customer” 05/07/2014

“Product came very quickly and reps very helpful!” Geri B 05/06/2014

“fast shipping. order satisfy :)” Anonymous 05/05/2014

“Love this website. Great to work with and no hassle refunds. Buy with confidence.” Jackie T 05/03/2014

“I am so glad they have obiga and I can order it for almost half the price at a md office .same product just less money. Hint go to the md and see what would be best for your face and write it down . Tell the md you have to think about it . Then rush to order it from endless beauty care for have the price.” Well 05/02/2014

“Very satisfied customer! Consumer friendly website, good coupons, reasonable number of emails, great prices! Product descriptions match product received. Only one small note - some product pictures could be clearer.” Anonymous 05/01/2014

“Easy! Had everything I needed!” Sadie M 05/01/2014

“Best site to buy skin care creams” Tara 04/30/2014

“Love Obagi products they are the best!! and love the price I received on my purchase” Joy 04/28/2014

“Endless Beauty offers a product that is difficult to find. The price is very reasonable and the product is still fresh.” 04/24/2014

“easy to find products i was looking for.” Rose R 04/24/2014

“easy and hopefully shipped promptly” Susan 04/23/2014

“It was very easy! I'm so happy that I came across this website.” Leslie 04/20/2014

“Great site. Very easy to use.” Anonymous 04/17/2014

“It is easy to order on this website. The discounted price is amazing.” Lina W 04/17/2014

“Web site is not east to use” Maria 04/17/2014

“Great product and good service, but the shipping costs are too high for such a small product.” Anonymous 04/17/2014

“best prices and excellent quality product” Jessie 04/15/2014

“ease of use, good pricing and customer service. I shopped around and concluded that Endless Beauty Care has the best pricing for what I was looking for.” WW 04/14/2014

“Quick and essy” Rlhopkinson 04/13/2014

“Great selection great prices” John S 04/14/2014

“Very easy with free shipping and also received a discount. Very Happy” Laura R 04/14/2014

“Happy with product and delivery.” Ruby 04/13/2014

“Loved the site and look forward to buying more products in the near future.” 04/11/2014

“easy and hopefully shipped promptly” Susan B 04/10/2014

“It was very easy! I'm so happy that I came across this website.” Leslie W 04/10/2014

“always happy to buy from Endless even though we are in another country the service is excellent, Customer Services are great at dealing with any enquiry. The discounts are a great incentive to purchase, also and the products are first class.x” Heidi 04/09/2014

“I am excited to receive my products, and my free surprise gift” Fulltheme 04/09/2014

“fine, not as simple as it could be by having the shipping more obvious than hidden.” Anonymous 04/09/2014

“ordered once before. liked. coupon expired.” D 04/08/2014

“Always good service” Goram 04/08/2014

“love Endless Beauty. I have been buying from them for years, and I will never switch. Great prices fast shipping.” Anonymous 04/05/2014

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