Age Intervention Line

Age Intervention Line

Age Intervention products represent a breakthrough in anti-aging technology. A myriad of changes are associated with aging, ranging from hormonal changes to the affects of cumulative sun-damage to the continued effects other environmental and social stresses. The Age Intervention line includes unique and patented technologies designed to address the specific needs of individuals experiencing these time-related changes to improve the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye circles, thinning hair, discoloration and general skin tone and texture.

The signs of progressive aging begin to manifest in the mid 20's, and continue to increase with time. Some of the changes associated with aging include:

■A drop in hormonal levels contributing to:
■Decreased fat content in the skin leading to more skeletal facial contours
■Decreased epidermal (top layer of skin) cell turnover
■Impaired barrier function in the skin leading to moisture loss and risk of irritation
■Thinning of the dermis
■Thinning and reduction in elastin fibers (provides skin elasticity)
■Changes and reduction in collagen fibers (structure of the skin)
■Decreased vascular supply to the surface of the skin
■Cumulative sun damage
■Significant decline in the skin's immune function inhibiting cellular repair
■Inflammation and free radical activity causing cellular damage and abnormalities
■Discoloration, uneven pigment distribution and gradual loss of skin translucency
■Loss of defined facial contours
■Stubborn, recalcitrant adult acne
■Coarser skin texture and enlarged follicles
■Aging, weathered-appearing hands showing age spots and loss of fat
■Thinning hair
■Sparser eyelashes and eyebrows

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